Weekly Clubs & Activities (5-12 years) Oxford

Martial Arts

Fit 2 Fight Back

Fit2FightBack provides Self Defence Classes. Our mission is to give children and teenagers from Oxfordshire essential skills and training to live a confident and happy life. The training is conducted in a friendly and safe manner, providing your child with an energetic, active and healthy lifestyle.

Sundays: 11.00-11.45am

10th Scout Headquarters, 238 Marston Road, Oxford, OX3 0EJ

07962 541937

Koushinkan Aikido Oxford

A student in Aikido is taught how to neutralise an attack in a way that maintains the safety of both the attacker and defender.

Little Dragons (age 4-7), Juniors (age 8-11) and Cadets (age 10-16)

All classes held at South Oxford Community Centre on Thursdays 5.00–6.00pm. Cadets also runs Sundays 6.00-7.00pm at Oxford Brookes Centre for Sport.

07773 982719

Oxford Karate Academy

We offer karate training for children from 6 years old. Karate Kid classes use fun combined with life skills and achievement awards that are built on simple less-aggressive martial arts skills. Children’s karate is touch contact and all children wear protective sparring gear to maintain safety.

Classes held Monday to Saturday in Jericho, Littlemore, Cumnor, Kidlington and Headington.

07956 902101

Oxford Kung Fu

We teach multiple techniques including blocks, direct and angled hand/elbow and other strikes, evasive footwork, various kicks, wrist and other locks and take-downs. Children also meditate to calm the mind. For children age 6+.

The available days to train are now Wednesday at 5pm and Sunday at 10.35am at St Gregory the Great School, Cricket Road, Oxford.

07917 334818


Oxford School of Martial Arts

Little Ninjas Prep (age 2-4) Little Ninjas Prep is a martial arts themed exercise programme where parents and children enjoy classes together.

Little Ninjas (age 3-6) Our Little Ninjas programme fuses gymnastics, games and martial arts to build solid foundations for the Junior programme.

Cadet (age 6+) Children move through different coloured belts learning the fundamentals of traditional karate, and working on developing cardio fitness, coordination, power and control.

Classes held in Botley, Summertown, Kindlington and Abington.

01865 370339

Rising Spirit Academy

Our Little Ninjas classes (for ages 4-7) are designed to benefit children mentally and physically. We perform exercises that are easy, fun and safe, all in a friendly, family-focussed environment. Children learn the most when they are having FUN, so that is the basis for all our classes.

Oxford Spires Academy, Glanville Rd, Oxford, OX4 2AU

01865 238211


Tiger Martial Arts

Oxford’s No1 for family and individual martial arts. The Junior Programme (age 5-11 years) has the perfect blend of traditional martial arts values, mixed with modern teaching techniques. It provides a well-structured curriculum, which progresses students from Basic, Intermediate through to Advanced classes.

Classes run Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

North Oxford Association Community Centre, Summertown, OX2 7DP

01865 362995