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Jobs For Parents

‘Jobs for Parents’ are family-friendly positions that may be part-time, flexi-time, term-time, temporary contracts or working from home.

If you have a vacancy to fill and would like to advertise the role on Oxford Mumbler, please contact us here.

Oxford Mumbler Franchisee

It’s back to the old routine this week for many working parents across the UK, but maybe it’s time for a change? A completely flexible way of working.

💜We are looking for new Oxford Mumbler Franchisee to join us.💜

Did you resent having to miss your kids nativity this Christmas because you couldn’t get the time off work? Perhaps you’ve had enough of the stressful morning routine, the school run and then a commute to work?

Maybe you’ve been off work for a while raising children and whilst you’ve managed to make it work financially, you find that you’re missing your old self? The part of you that got *stuff* done! The one who smashed targets and achieved professionally?

Make a change for 2020 and do something completely different, something that fits in around your family and something that means you can set your own working patterns.

Mumbler was set up by mum of two, Sally Haslewood because she knew that there were other ways to earn a living whilst creating something that she could be proud of, and working around her own families needs.

Qualities that we look for in our franchisees are:

Experienced professionals who are fed up with the corporate world.
Ideally with sales or marketing experience.
Highly organised and motivated individuals.
Individuals who are looking for a career where they don’t have to pretend that their family doesn’t exist.
Individuals who want to create something that is actually really worthwhile, who want to help their local community and support local parents.

Do you want to build a business that is completely flexible, that your kids can actually be involved with, that puts you at the core of your own local parenting community?

If so, then maybe the Oxford Mumbler Franchise could be for you.

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