About Us

Hi, welcome to Oxford Mumbler! I’m Maddy, mum of two boys, and Oxford resident for over ten years. When I had my first son in 2015, I really enjoyed getting to know the city all over again as a mum, but also struggled to work out what was going on locally and what help was available to me…

We lived on a narrowboat at the time and my partner, newborn son and I went boating round the country for a few months of my maternity leave. I discovered Mumbler websites in a couple of the cities we went to and thought it was an absolutely amazing resource for local parents, and how much easier and more fun it would make family life in those cities. I thought it would a be brilliant thing for Oxford, and now, here we are!

Please get in touch with me at oxford@mumbler.co.uk if you have got any ideas or feedback for Oxford Mumbler. I’d love to hear from you and above all want this website to be as helpful as it can be, and for Oxford Mumbler to feel like a community.

All Oxford parents and carers are also welcome to join the Oxford Mumbler Chat Group on Facebook – a friendly and supportive closed group where you can ask for advice, tips and recommendations from each other.

Thanks for visiting Oxford Mumbler, and I hope you’ll come back often to find out about local clubs, classes, days out, support and more!