Babies Oxford

Baby Changes & Feeding Rooms

Debenhams baby change & feeding rooms

Debenhams’ facilities are on the top floor, near the café. Turn left just after the big sofa and you’ll see a door each side of you – one is to their feeding room and the other is to their baby change.

The feeding room has an armchair in and a table – and has a locking door. They’ve made an effort to make it a bit homely – with green walls, pictures and soft lighting.

The baby change room has a loo in it and a padded baby mat attached to the side, next to the sink. There’s plenty of room to take your buggy in with you.

John Lewis Parents’ Room

The John Lewis ‘Parents’ Room’ is on level 2 near the café and on the same floor as all the baby and children’s clothing. It’s a big room (plenty of space for a buggy) with a baby changing area and a feeding area, with a curtain between the two if you want privacy while feeding.

The feeding area has three proper rocking nursing chairs and footstalls and little tables, making it a very comfy place to feed. It’s also quiet and pretty cosy with carpet, nice décor and soft lighting.

The baby change area gets bonus points for having a water cooler – what a good idea! There’s also a nappy vending machine for if you’re caught short (£1.50 per nappy).

This is a really nice baby change and feeding area – the least utilitarian one I’ve seen. There’s no toilet in there, but there is a big disabled one just across from the entrance with more around the corner.

Marks and Spencer baby change & feeding room

Marks and Spencer’s baby change and feeding room is at the far end of the first floor (the opposite end to the café), beyond all the baby and children’s clothing.

Their toilets are split into male and female – so I went into the baby change in the female section, and it looked as though there was also a baby change in the male section… if any dads out there could confirm?

The room is quite small especially if you have a buggy with you and I found it quite tight getting the buggy into the room, but manageable. The room has a sink, padded baby changing mat, and a comfy armchair, and there’s a locking door.

There’s a disabled loo and cubicle toilets next door.

Natural History Museum baby change

The Natural History Museum baby change is on the ground floor near the pram entrance – to the right as you look at the museum from outside. It’s a pull down one in their main toilet area.

These toilets are pretty swish, and have always been spotlessly clean when I’ve been. They also have fun animal poo facts on the back of each cubicle door! Special shout out as well that you don’t need to get in a lift to get to these – a rare thing for a baby change.

Pitt Rivers baby change

This is a small baby change only area, with a disabled loo right next door. You can’t get a pram into the baby change bit, but you could just keep the door open and have it in the corridor outside.

This baby change is extremely stylish with red metro tiles and stainless steel baby change! It’s clean and feels very new. The baby change pulls down over the sink which could be a bit awkward if you need to involve water in your nappy change (thinking poonami), but this baby change gets top marks for style.

Westgate baby changes

On the second floor of the Westgate there are no less than 4 baby change rooms. Each is large enough to get your pram in, and has a toilet padded changing mat and sink. Very clean and still feel nice and new.

(There was also a feeding room but it was occupied when I went to have a look. Photo to follow!).