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The Motherkind Cafe

I wish The Motherkind Café had existed when I had my first child in 2015. I found labour and the postnatal period extremely tough and I desperately wanted to talk to other mums going through the same thing.

Enter The Motherkind Café, which had its first session this month and is a free weekly group for any new mum who feels like she needs some extra support. (more…)

The Oxford Maternity Clothes Library is Here!

As many of us know, pregnancy can be quite a, let’s say, ‘challenging’ time – what with all the physical and emotional side effects of growing a little human and preparing for birth and beyond… It’s tough, and anything that makes life easier for mums-to-be is a brilliant thing in my book!

The newly-formed and not-for-profit Oxford Maternity Clothes Library is just that. It makes so much sense – rather than buying new clothes that you’ll only get a few months use out of (and when you’re already splashing out left, right and centre on baby gear), you can hire a whole wardrobe for next to nothing. (more…)

Oxford Spires Maternity-led Unit Turns 10

The Oxford Spires Maternity Unit turned 10 on 1st September 2018 and celebrated with a big party to which all the children who were born there (that’s over 7,500!) were invited along with their families. We weren’t on the guest list. Neither of my children were born there, but I started in the Spires with my first son before transferring down to the Delivery Suite for the second half, so have some experience of it…

I’ve put together this blog about the Spires for anyone who is currently weighing up their labour options in Oxford. I remember not knowing how it all worked, so hopefully this is helpful to anyone currently in that position! (more…)

Tackling Period Poverty in Oxford

From an Oscar-winning documentary (Period. End of Sentence), to a brand new emoji, to new sex education guidelines, periods have been making the news recently! (more…)

The Nappy Shed – Oxford’s Local Cloth Nappy Shop

I’d been half interested in trying reusable cloth nappies with my first baby, but we lived on a boat at the time and (for me at least!) it would have been impossible. No washing machine, no space for drying, loads of boat admin to do…

Fast forward to baby 2. We now live in a house and I felt much more up for it. I’d heard about The Nappy Shed – which is Oxford’s local cloth nappy shop. It’s run by Rosie from her home in Marston, and as well as selling a wide range of (mostly UK made) nappies, Rosie does demonstrations of the many different kinds of nappies and lends out nappy trial kits. (more…)

Down’s Syndrome Oxford – Guest Blog

I wanted to share some insights about a local charity – Down’s Syndrome Oxford (DSO).  Why?  Well my family was introduced to the charity two years ago, when our son Samuel was born with Down’s Syndrome.  Since then DSO and its members have been an amazing support network as our family winds its way through the journey that is life with Down’s Syndrome. (more…)