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George Clarke is looking for families, couples or singles to be a part of his Channel 4 programmes this year…

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Oxford Mumbler Reviews babyballet

We had a great time when we were invited along to a babyballet class in Summertown recently. My son has never really tried dancing before, bar a few living room discos, but loves music and I was excited to see how he’d get on. (more…)

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Mumbler Explores the Zog Trail at Wendover Woods

Zog is one of Julia Donaldson’s best creations… for anyone not familiar with the story, it really is a goody. Zog the slightly hapless dragon is at dragon school learning all the things that dragons need to know – like breathing out fire (not snow!), roaring and capturing princesses. (more…)

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Toddler Sense Review

FREE TASTER if you get in touch with Toddler Sense here and quote ‘Oxford Mumbler’

Toddler Sense classes started here in Oxford this April. They are run by Natasha, who took it on after moving to Oxfordshire… (more…)

Bach to Baby

Bach to Baby is the critically acclaimed concert series for babies, toddlers, and their carers. It was started in London by a Miaomiao Yu, herself a concert pianist, and has just arrived in Oxford – at St Michael at the North Gate, Cornmarket. (more…)

Introducing Oxford Mumbler Nippers and Slippers

I was really keen to start a Mumbler playgroup of some kind as it’s such a lovely and important thing to have places to go to meet other parents, be part of a community and to get out of the house! I then saw the Channel 4 programme about the nursery in an old people’s home and thought how incredible this would be in Oxford. (more…)

Mumbler Explores the Fairy Doors of Kidlington

The Fairy Doors of Kidlington trail has been on my to-do list for a while. For anyone new to the magical world of fairy doors, as I was until this weekend, they are tiny little doors that people have made or bought, decorated, and placed on a tree. They are extremely cute and kids LOVE THEM. (more…)

Mumbler Reviews the Children’s Play Village

The Children’s Play Village in Warwick is without doubt in my top three best days out places ever. My three year old loved it. My baby loved it. I loved it. They’ve absolutely 100% nailed it and you couldn’t not have a great time there… (more…)

National Trust Adventures Near Oxford

We were given National Trust passes for Christmas last year and then, before we knew it, it was June and we had barely used them… oops! We were feeling quite guilty about it and dreading being asked by the giver-of-the-passes what we’d been to see… (more…)

The Best Nature Reserves In & Around Oxford

The Oxford Festival of Nature is nearly upon us! Running for two weeks from 1st June, it will amaze, astound and fascinate families across the city. (more…)

The Pottery Place

I’ve got a newborn son and so as well as taking hundreds of photos of him, my thoughts are turning to keepsakes. I was really keen to get a little tile of his painted footprints and so, as one of our first outings, we headed to The Pottery Place in Witney. (more…)