Kowalah – Sitters

Are you 18+ and looking for a flexible and fun job? Kowalah are recruiting sitters in the Oxfordshire area.

Our sitters (Also known as Kowalah’s), come from a range of backgrounds but all have one thing in common – they love looking after children

As a Kowalah sitter you will receive regular notifications via your phone or email about childcare requests. Depending on your commitments you can accept or decline the request, following which the parents will be able to scroll through the available sitters and confirm their booking with their preferred Kowalah.

We employ both male and female sitters and you will need your own transport to get to the booking.

If you would like to join Kowalah then simply download the app or head to the website and we will invite you for a telephone interview and explain the process going forward.

It is a great, flexible job to get a bit of extra money during the holidays, saving for a gap year or simply need some extra income.

Any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

0844 209 2955

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